Reasons to Visit North End Road Market

Sun 27th September, 2020

If you’re looking to experience the natural and authentic London, then North End Road Market is where you need to be! Charmingly unpolished and mostly tourist-free, the market recently celebrated over 133 years of service.

Within walking distance of Twenty Nevern Square and Mayflower Hotel, North End Road Market is a street lined with market stalls selling incredible value fruit and vegetables, eggs and cheese. Looking to get in a quick meal? The market also offers some hot food traders selling a variety of Ethiopian, Italian, Filipino and Middle Eastern dishes.

We’ve put together a few reasons why this market is a must-visit if you find yourself in the Earl’s Court area.  Please note that all images published were taken prior to the introduction of rules on social distancing!

1. Be a part of something that has been around for over a century.

North End Road Market has been going for decades - in actual fact, the market dates back to 1880! While walking through the different stalls, you become a part of something that has become an institution. 

2. Revel in the diversity of the market

The market has a wonderful come-one-come-all vibe. The area is very diverse in terms of its population and it is amazing to experience the different cultures and food all in one place over the weekend. 

3. Run all your errands at once

The market does not only offer you with all your fresh produce for the week (at better quality and pricing than the supermarkets). Running parallel to the stalls are independent shops including grocers, butchers, fishmongers, bakehouses, cafes and fast food joints. That’s not all - you can even get your hair cut, nails manicured, or phone fixed!

4. Experience an award-winning seasonal market

Four times a year, the road is entirely closed off to traffic, allowing all kinds of pop-up stalls selling everything possible!

Still not convinced that you need to add North End Road Market to your itinerary?

  • Work your way down the bustling row of delicious street food, local produce and artisan craft stalls at Fulham’s North End Road Market. The daily market hosts special seasonal events in spring and autumn, with more than 150 traders, live music and colourful street performances to keep the family entertained. Sample flavours from around the world, including Ethiopian, Italian, Filippino, and MiddIe Eastern dishes and then indulge in something from the cake and champagne stalls afterwards.
  • A local resident: “The Iranian grocers are magical, the market is colourful and great value for many folks and when the road is closed to traffic it is wonderful. And the vegan restaurant is fantastic.”
  • A local trader: Read our interview with local trader Tracey Edwards below! 

Tracey Edwards (TE) operates a fruit and veg stall 29-30 North End Road Market, just opposite Jaffa BakeHouse. Imran (I) spoke to her on a Thursday afternoon at around 4.30 pm, as she was getting ready to pack up for the day.

I: How long have you had your stall?

TE: I’ve been running it since 2010. I took it over from my mother who ran it before that. But I’ve been on this road since I was 14 years old. I had a stall selling nuts but then my mother had an accident so that’s when I took over this stall.

I: So it’s very much a family trade then?

TE: Oh yeah. Most of these stalls are.

I: How did you get into it?

TE: I just always knew I would do this. I would be down here as a schoolgirl you know, helping my mum out. It’s what I’ve always known.

I: I have been coming here for some time - not as long as you mind! The people who walk this street are very diverse in their backgrounds - North African, Arab, Persian, Caribbean, European including British and Non-British. Has that always been the case?

TE: No. The profile used to be more English. But the people who have moved into the area have become our customers and kept this place going.

I: Do you have many regular customers? Has that changed with the changing customer profile?

TE: I do. I would not say it has changed, no. I do deliveries to businesses too and have had those clients a while too. [Mentions a vegan chain of restaurants, one branch of which is located on the road]. I supply these guys too [points to Jaffa Bakehouse - A bakehouse/cafe owned and inspired by North African Arabs]. They are my friends - a really nice bunch!

I: Parking is an issue for me. I live locally but not in this borough. The cost of parking adds up and sometimes I can’t be bothered with that plus the traffic. I come on foot wherever I can.

TE: Yes most of our custom is very local for that reason

I: What times do you trade?

TE: We open when I can get here, usually between 8 and 9 and we close around this time [16.30]. I’m at the wholesale market on the other side of town at 1.30 am buying my goods then I do my drop-offs to my business customers.

I: Wow. How much do you sleep then?

TE: Not much! We work in blocks - days on/ days off - because when you’re on you don’t get much sleep. After I pack up the stall and load the van I’ll go and sort through my takings and my produce so I know what I have and what I need to get from the market in the morning. I try to catch some sleep around 21.00

I: Is this the hardest part of the job?

TE: Yes I’d say the hours.

I: And what’s the best?

TE: Speaking with the customers

I: Do you get non-locals too?

TE: Yes. Especially at the weekends. They love it here. The atmosphere is great. They can really see what living like a local Londoner in these parts means.