Top tips for Choosing Baby Friendly Accommodation While Travelling

Fri 30th October, 2020

So it’s almost holiday time and as a new parent, you’re facing total apprehension at the prospect of traveling with your infant or toddler. While family vacations are a special time with the promise of lifelong memories, they can be exhausting and potentially disastrous with poor planning and failed consideration of the finer details. Babies and new parents need both certainty and comfort, and that is why picking the right hotel for your trip is of utmost importance! Read our top tips below for choosing baby-friendly accommodation on your travels.

  1. Try to Choose a Central Location

It’s a well-known fact - babies and long journeys don’t go well together! It's always best to try and find a hotel that is situated centrally - especially to any major tourist attractions on your list. Whilst centrally-located accommodation may sometimes cost more, it may mean avoiding long travel times with a baby who just won’t stop crying... Try to score a good deal by either making an advanced booking or booking directly with the hotel.

  2. If Possible, Book a Larger Room

It’s always surprising how tiny babies tend to need a lot more space than adults. You may require a baby cot and will likely travel with baby paraphernalia, and so do not want to be confined to a small space for the duration of your stay. It’s always best to enquire about a larger or family room to ensure optimum comfort.

  3. Make Sure You’re Close to Public Transport

Despite staying centrally, chances are there may still be a couple of places you’d like to visit on your trip that are some distance away. If so, it is worth ensuring that your hotel is located close to an underground tube station and one which is well-connected so you can avoid the need to change trains/buses multiple times.

 4. Find Out if Your Room Has a Bathtub

Babies thrive on routine - so if your baby is used to having a pre-bedtime bath every night, then it’s best to follow that routine as far as possible when traveling too.

Not to mention, it can be very soothing after a long and tiring day and will help your baby sleep well at night. Ensure you enquire in advance for a hotel room with a bathtub.

  5. Enquire about Emergency Services

Before having a baby, nothing spelt ‘holiday’ like a spontaneous escape to the middle of nowhere with your phone turned off for some pure time out. With a child however, this would simply be careless. Ensure that your hotel has WiFi so you can connect with your family members or paediatrician if needed. Also try to find out if the hotel has emergency first aid supplies on hand. You can never be too prepared when it comes to the safety of your little one!

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