20 Nevern Square...Providing a Solution to London's Hard Water Issue!

Sat 28th November, 2020

What is ‘Hard Water’?

Many tourists are unaware that London is a ‘hard water’ area. This means that whilst the tap water is certainly drinkable, it can be rather harsh on the skin and hair.

Hard water can be best described as water having a high level of calcium and magnesium compounds, causing limescale.

While hard water is not a health hazard, it can wreak havoc on your skin and hair. Due to the high percentage of calcium in hard water, it doesn’t properly dissolve soap or other cleaning products. This means that once one bathes with hard water, it leaves a thin film of soap curd on the skin which makes it hard for dirt and bacteria to be removed.

Hard water also contains materials that can dry out your skin, clog pores and even lead to skin conditions like dermatitis, acne and eczema.

While washing your hair with hard water, you may notice that it leaves it dull, unmanageable and lacklustre. Hard water can also cause dandruff-like build up on the scalp.

Water Softeners at 20 Nevern Square

Worried? Fear not! At 20 Nevern Square, we decided that soft skin and silky tresses are just too important to forgo! We are dedicated to providing our guests with an exceptional and pampering stay and have thus installed water softeners throughout our hotel to ensure that you look and feel your best.

Book your trip into London without any worries, knowing you’re in best of hands!

A little bit more about our hotel

Twenty Nevern Square is one of the only Bed & Breakfast Hotels in London to be approved by Conde Nast Johansens. This means we are hand-picked by Local Experts who have been inspecting and recommending hotels worldwide for over 36 years

Bedrooms at our charming boutique hotel are individually designed and offer an attractive mix of European and Oriental influences. Choose a Luxury Four Poster bedroom to enjoy a king-size bed carved by hand, or select a Luxury Double room and request an Egyptian sleigh bed for something a little different. Many rooms feature individually appointed headboards, silks, and other furnishings. And for some extra space and grandeur, why not book one of our Suites?