Travelling in 2021 - Staycations Will Be The Way to Go

Tue 29th December, 2020

With rising cases, new strains and continuous travel bans - it seems like our plans to travel abroad are moving further away. However, it is surely not all doom and gloom, all it means is that we need to start becoming more flexible when it comes to travel. It is time to look closer to home. Yes, you read right - 2021 will be the year of staycations in the UK. Need more convincing? Read ahead to find out why you need to start planning your 2021 staycation.

Making Plans to Travel Abroad is Risky

Risky to travel aboard in 2021

While some experts are hopeful that international travel will be back to normal by April next year, most believe that industry will only really return close to normal after August.

Despite the vaccination programme having started being rolled it, it’ll be a while before everyone has access to it. Secondly, flights and availability will still be an issue. You may be forced to change plans last minute, while a staycation is a more secure option.

You Can Go On Multiple Getaways

London staycation 2021

After the kind of the year 2020 was, we all deserve to get away more than just once.

However, with job and economic uncertainty - it’s best to plan multiple staycations over one long international trip. Staycations are simpler and more affordable to plan.

It’s More Practical to Travel Close to Home

UK roadtrips 2021

Airports were already a huge drag before COVID, and now over and above the busy airport and slow security checks - you need to worry about multiple health forms and COVID tests too.

Travelling by car or train allows you to forget about your passport and busy airports. Instead, it allows you to explore beautiful surroundings that add to your staycation experience.

Families especially will turn to staycations for the near future.

Staycations Can Be The Cheaper Travel Option

London staycation affordable 2021

Coming back to an affordability point of view, there is no denying that this pandemic has drastically affected financial circumstances for individuals across the world. It’s no surprise that people are becoming increasingly price focused when it comes to planning for their next holiday.

If you choose to book a staycation in the UK over an international trip, then you can cut down on visas, aeroplane tickets - and another plus point? Many hotels are offering discounts right now - another way to save more money!

You Get to Support Local Tourism

Affordable London Hotel 2021

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the local travel and hospitality industries. By booking a staycation, you can support local businesses in these trying times.

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